About Carpet Land India

Our Story - Carpet Land India

Carpet Land India is owned and run by Mr. Ansari who has been in the business since 1985. He started work in the family rug gallery cleaning and restoring antique rugs before opening a new gallery in 1988. He moved to Houston, Texas in 1997 where he worked as the gallery manager for Carol Piper rugs and then on to Peter Pap rugs in New Hampshire and San Francisco. In 1999 he worked for Nazmiyal Rugs in New York before returning to the UK in 2004 and setting up as an independent rug broker.

Carpet Land India is the culmination of all that experience and the vast array of contacts he has built up across the world. The rugs are sourced from the UK and Europe as well as directly from the weaving countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal and each rug is chosen to fulfil a specific need for the rug buying public and interior design professionals.

Our Ethics

Carpet Land India is aware that we are nothing without the men and women weavers in the rug making countries. We deal with manufacturers who treat their weavers with respect – good pay, good conditions, schooling for the children and pensions.

Carpet Land India also give back a percentage of their profits to charities in producing countries.

Carpet Land India sell at very fair prices, no matter who the customer is or how many rugs are in the deal. We sell many rugs which are unique to us but guarantee to price match any rug seen on our site with the same or a similar rug from our competitors.