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At Carpet Land India we understand that even though we have a fabulous selection of rugs from around the world that you are looking for something unique to you. Maybe the rug you need is an unusual size, colour or mixture of materials or you simply want your house to perfectly reflect your unique character and style. Whatever your space needs you will be surprised by how affordable a bespoke rug can be!

Whatever your budget, Carpet Land India have years of experience making custom rugs to suit- rest assured we pride ourselves on delivering the very best rug for your money.

We offer you various options:

Design your own rug using our software! This is remarkably easy to do and will give you your own painting on your floor. Choose from 1200 colours and wool, silk, artificial silk, cotton, viscose and click the button when finished. We will then offer you a small sample, at a small cost, or you can have the rug immediately prepared in Nepal, India, Afghanistan or Pakistan- depending on your requirements Carpet Land India will select the best weavers to realise your design. Image

Use one of the hundreds of rug templates we have on file in the software
alter the colours and size to suit you and the computer scales it to size. Again, you can have a small sample made before the actual rug is started.

Our own rug Carpet Land India designers will design a rug that is unique to you and we guarantee that it will never be used for any other customer. This service does carry a slightly higher cost but is well worth the satisfaction of living with total exclusivity.

The price we quote you is inclusive of all costs including shipping, import duties, VAT and delivery to your address. Please note that once you have given us written satisfaction with the sample or Computer Aided Drawing that custom rugs cannot be returned UNLESS there is a weaving fault or we have not followed the instructions in an obvious way i.e the wrong size, colours, design or materials. Carpet Land India will offer to sell your unwanted custom rug in the Clearance section at the price you paid in return for a commission.


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