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The best way to shop for a rug is in the comfort of your own home! At Carpet Land India we understand choosing the perfect rug can be a daunting process- there are so many thousands of options and even more permutations.

What size will work best? Does it need to complement the curtains or upholstery fabric? Or both? How thick a pile will look best and fit under any doors? What will it look like at nighttime and then first thing in the morning?

Over 30 years we have gained vast knowledge of this process and so always offer on individual rugs above £2,000 the option of a home presentation and rug advice. (If you are doing a whole house project then this price point does not apply.)

All you have to do is send us your room measurements, images of the space to include the fabrics and any other features/colours you want to pick up and we will arrange to visit you with a selection covering various sizes, colours, designs and textures- all within or near your stated budget.

Our interior designer recommended Carpet Land India after we had a look at other options and been underwhelmed. They came from London to Shropshire to look at our project and over the course of three visits we have ended up with a beautiful collection of six large rugs at very reasonable prices. Niels Larsen was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, polite and at no point did anyone try to sell us a rug! We were given plenty of choices in each area and allowed to make up our minds and nothing was too much trouble for then – they even had a new Afghan rug shipped in specially for us as nothing in the UK was of good enough quality. We do not hesitate at all in recommending them most highly for their transparency, fair prices and superb old fashioned service.

Mr and Mrs Robert L. Shropshire

We never ever pressure our customers nor push the most expensive or profitable rug! We allow you to decide and only offer our expert considered opinion if you ask us. The most expensive option is very rarely the best one.

Carpet Land India offer this service Monday through Saturday and at a time to suit you.

Please contact us to start the process. We look forward to helping you find the perfect rug!